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Man Made Global Warming Debunking News and Views
Book: Hot Talk, Cold Science
Global Warming's Unfinished Debate

"Media reports often assert that global warming is real, imminent, and a threat to human life. But, have such predicitions been established scientifically? Studies by the United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) have been used (or misused) to call for extensive government controls to reduce fossil fuel use. Yet, the IPCC's own report-and statements by leading scientists-indicate that this issue is far from settled.

In HOT TALK, COLD SCIENCE, renowned astrophysicist S. Fred Singer brings readers his intimate familiarity with the scientific literature-including studies overlooked-to shed light on one of the most important issues of today. Lay readers and specialists alike will profit from Singer's concise yet masterful discussion of the climate record; computer models; the effects of clouds, oceans, aerosol cooling, solar variability and greenhouse gases; crop yields; climate-change mitigation; and much more. Far from showing a consensus, Singer argues that climate science does not support global-warming pessimism. Yet unless the public comes to recognize this fact, policymakers may implement massive "carbon" taxes and other controls that put society-especially the most disadvantaged-at great risk."

"Hot Talk, Cold Science dares to point out that 'the Emperor has no clothes.' Is there evidence to suggest 'discernible human influence' on global climate? Of great interest, this book demonstrates that the evidence is sketchy and incomplete."-ARTHUR C. CLARKE, scientist and author, 2001: A Space Odyssey

"Hot Talk, Cold Science clearly and concisely documents the increasing doubt about global warming. A breath of fresh air amidst a climate of hype, the book should be required reading for anyone truly interested in the greenhouse debate."-ROBERT C. BALLING, JR., Director, Office of Climatology, Arizona State Univ.

"HOT TALK, COLD SCIENCE carefully reviews the scientific, economic and policy literature on global warming, and provides a welcome, reasoned assessment of the facts and uncertainties. I strongly recommend this important book to any citizen."-WILLIAM HAPPER, former Dir. of Energy Research, U. S. Department of Energy

"The highly sensible and well-accepted scientific views in Hot Talk, Cold Science deserve the widest possible exposure."-RICHARD S. LINDZEN, Prof., Center for Meteorology and Oceanography, MIT

"Hot Talk, Cold Science makes an important scientific contribution to the global warming debate. Let us depend on, rather than fear. a healthy scientific debate." -SENATOR FRANK H. MURKOWSKI, Chair, Comm. on Energy and Natural Resources

"The urge to consensus on the greenhouse issue tends to compromise away dissent. Fred Singer, with impeccable credentials, does not compromise. His criticism is crucial to the current debate-a debate that will not soon be settled."-THOMAS C. SCHELLING, Professor of Economics, University of Maryland

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Man Made Global Warming Debunking News and Views