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Oregon Petition Project

Man Made Global Warming Debunking News and Views
Art Robinson Reponds to Petition Slander
From Art Robinson to Enviro Warmer Academic

I have read an email exchange in which you are engaged. Your statements include several like those quoted below. These statements and their implications are false - and I suspect that you know that they are false.

"Again, read my email before making such spurrious [misspelled in your text] claims. In my first email to you I cited several studies that found a large fraction of the names were fake, or were of people with no scientific background, or who did not choose to sign the petition."

"since after all, that's what the authors of the Oregon Petition were trying to make themselves look like" [PNAS]

Only one false name has ever appeared on the petition. It was put there by Ozone Action (now Greenpeace USA) and removed immediately thereafter.

Every listed signer has a university degree in science. The posted listing gives their highest degrees. (MDs were listed only if their underlying degrees were in science.) Thousands of physicists and chemists signed - including about 100 members of the National Academy, about 500 meteorologists and climate scientists, and numerous very eminent people in American science.

Since the initial 17,000 signatories (after which we stopped active solicitation), an additional 1,000 have signed - while about 25 have asked to have their signatures removed.

For every signer we have a physical signature mailed to us by first class mail from the signer's address. No one has been listed who did not actually sign - except the Ozone Action signature, which they sent with false credentials, a false address, and a false signature.

The review article sent with the petition could not possibly have been mistaken for a PNAS reprint. I have published many research papers in PNAS. I am very familiar with reprint formats.

The PNAS claim originated because Frederick Seitz - past president of the National Academy and past president of Rockefeller University signed a letter that was circulated with the petition. (Dr. Seitz, like everyone else who has actively opposed the "enviro warmers" has been smeared with many false claims.) Also, the first signers of the petition were several rather famous members of the National Academy.

Neither I nor any of my colleagues at the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine have ever received any funds whatever from any energy industry corporation. The costs of the petition were born entirely by individual non tax deductible donations to a non tax deductible entity established solely for the petition. No energy industry funds were received.

Your emails on this subject are typical of those who promote the unproven hypothesis that human actions are responsible for the warming trend that has been in progress since the bottom of the Little Ice Age - at about the time of the American Revolutionary War. This was the coldest period in about 1,500 years. There are many records - both scientific and historic that substantiate this.

For example, J. Oerlemans, Science 308 (2005) pp 675-677 shows that world glaciers reached a maximum in length about 250 years ago and then began to shorten. One-half of the shortening to date occurred before Ford's first automobile and three-fourths of the shortening occurred before significant increase in atmospheric CO2. There has been no increase in rate of glacier melting in the past 60 years - in fact the rate has diminished slightly. There are two "bumps" in the temperature curve derived from the glacier shortening - both corresponding exactly to "bumps" in solar activity. Was George Washington a cause of glacier melting?

I note that you entirely ignore the scientific arguments and depend primarily upon parroting personal smears (published by others like you) of those who oppose you and claiming (without proof) that lots of people (almost everyone) agree(s) with you. Is this the method of determining natural truth that was taught to you in physics classes?

You may be interested to know that the highest percentage response to our request for signatures came from physicists. As a group, physicists tend to be very rigorous in their application of the scientific method.

Arthur B. Robinson (Originator and director of the Petition Project)
President and Research Professor - OISM
BS Chemistry Caltech; PhD Chemistry UCSD

Man Made Global Warming Debunking News and Views