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Man Made Global Warming Debunking News and Views
Glenn Shaw - Atmospheric Scientist
Global Warming

Global warming is a "name brand fashion" with just enough of a whiff of scientific legitimacy and Old Testament apocalypse to make it attractive to the populace at large. The issue is quite much like Camel Cigarettes advertisements in the 1940. And buying into greenhouse warming is just as dangerous as smoking Camels!

Make no mistake about it, "global warming" is a political instrument of the left wing. It's the favorite scare tactic of environmentalists. Its being employed with vigor to bridle what Europeans are fond of calling a "cowboy economy" and to rein in a country thought of by competitors as being "out of control".

Greenhouse warming is one of the most massively overstated issues ever to hit.

Trying to cow  the US by hurting the nation's economy with greenhouse gas scare tactics is  France attempted to bully Germany  with crippling  reparation payments in the Versailles treaty at the end of World War I. This basically unenlightened policy resulted in many unexpected consequences, including the rise of Hitler!  Greenhouse Warming issue, unless somebody starts to speak some sense and defuse the issue, is likely to cause a major conflict on the scale of a World War. I think this is real strategic political business with serious consequences and not a playing around thing.

What about the science? Is global warming scientific? The answer is a qualified yes. Indeed carbon dioxide is "building up". This effect, all by itself, would force a small planetary scale warming. That's the physics.

But everything poops out fast after that. The greenhouse forcing is at most like stringing a few quite dim Christmas tree lights around on the planet. Predictions of climate change for the greenhouse warming next century or next decade are much like computer models of the weather change next month: basically meaningless or at least quite inaccurate.  I can make rational and intelligent arguments that global cooling by other effects such as the "Twomey Effect" is in the cards for the future. Moreover, cloud and water vapor feedbacks are pathetically incorporated in climate models, yet they are among the most important drivers of future climate.

Scaring people about the warming on basis of such flawed science and proposing massive social engineering in which the United States comes out the loser is asking for real trouble. For one thing, it would be relatively simple to engineer a way out of any global warming, if it ever wound up getting big enough to document. I reckon it would be on the scale of constructing the great hydro plants in the western United States. Whatever the net effect will prove to be, it will be less than most home thermometers can resolve and pretty unimportant on global economic and human health and welfare scales of events. 

Don't swallow global warming. Its political hot air with a lot of bravado. It's a Stamp Act!  It's an overblown issue that could well end up causing grave harm to this nation's economy and well being. Don't buy it.


Glenn Shaw

Man Made Global Warming Debunking News and Views